Sunday, August 21, 2011

Game Preview for 8/22/11

Unicorns of the Apocalypse @P.F. Chang's Warriors
Princess Anne Athletic Complex Field Red #3

     After last week's valiant efforts to defeat That's What She Said went fruitless, the Unicorns take on P.F. Chang's Warriors for a doubleheader Monday night.  The Warriors are currently 2-0, beating Carroll Truckers last week.  However, as seen in a previous post, the spring's P.F. Chang's team went 0-14, so there is a solid chance that the Unicorns could pull out a win.  Expect the season debuts of the acclaimed Larry Strait and Nathan Anderson.

Lineup is TBD.

Last Week's Team Leaders
AVG/OBP/SLG:  Coach Greg Weaver leads the team with .800s across the board.  Greaver is bested only in SLG at the moment with his brother Bobby Weaver unsurprisingly besting him at 1.000.  B-Weaver continues to be reliable at getting extra-base hits, landing two last Monday night.

RBI:  Greaver, B-Weaver, and Kevin Carpenter are tied for first with two each.

Pitching:  B-Weaver posted an average 4.30 WHIP and 13.50 ERA in his two starts.  That’s essentially half the WHIP and ERA he posted in his second (better) outing last season; not to mention, those numbers place fifth in WHIP and sixth in ERA out of the Unicorns’ lifetime seventeen team games.  Not a bad return to the mound—the rest seemed to do him well.

AVG/OBP/SLG:  Mel Di Domenico has the top spot right now with .500s, but because she’s only 1 for 2, Rianna Hoffman gets the early honors, sporting a .400/.571/.400.  Lanah Stafford, the only female with a double last night, ties her in SLG.

K:  Though some of the calls Monday were really dicey, the only female not to have struck out yet is D-Dom.

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  1. D-Dom! Cool nickname!

    Good luck, every 'corn! I hope you guys take out P.F. Chang's "Warriors" because what kind of Chinese restaurant serves calamari. I mean really. And if you get the chance, tell them that their food is really salty.