Sunday, August 28, 2011

Game Preview for 8/29/11

Unicorns of the Apocalypse vs. REWIRE
Princess Anne Athletic Complex Field Red #2

Leslie Paxton and her horn.  The silver
coming down from her scalp is pure
silvery magic (not a strap).
     Between the disasters of yestergames and now, two significant things happened.  
     One: the Incredible Hulkicorn (see last post) ripped through the earth.  It continues to make its way to Virginia Beach, smashing everyone and everything in its path (yes, that includes Hurricane Irene), and plans to secure the field for us prior to tomorrow night.  Word is that if we lose to REWIRE he will proceed to eat them and smash their souls.
     Two: RF Leslie Paxton's birthday was on Thursday.  She decided to channel the magic of unicorns everywhere and forged the horn that you see growing out from her skull.  Some of those in attendance at her soiree also showed to have horns bursting out of their brains into the warm evening air, including Greg Weaver, Lanah Stafford, and a bunch of others that were just affected by the might of that magic.

     Hulkicorn making REWIRE quiver in fear of certain consequences and channeling birthday'corn magic should allow for the Unicorns to procure victory tomorrow night.  REWIRE is the only other team in the division with an 0-4 record, so defeating them twice could bring the Unicorns up quite a bit in the division depending on how the other teams play.

     Kevin Carpenter will make his premiere start on the mound at 8:45.

Around the League
Series Results 8/22
LC Stars beat REWIRE (2-0)
EVW Highwaymen tie That's What She Said (1-1 ea.)
P.F. Chang's Warriors beat Unicorns of the Apocalypse (2-0)
Carroll Truckers tie Renegards (1-1 ea.)

1. P.F. Chang's Warriors (4-0)
2. That's What She Said (3-1)
-.  Renegades (3-1)
-. EVW Highwaymen (3-1)
3. LC Stars (2-2)
4. Carroll Truckers (1-3)
5. Unicorns of the Apocalypse (0-4)
-. REWIRE (0-4)

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