Sunday, August 14, 2011

Game Preview for 8/15/11

Unicorns of the Apocalypse vs. That's What She Said
Princess Anne Athletic Complex Field Red #3

     The Unicorns will pick up right where they left off last season to face once again That's What She Said.  In the spring, the Unicorns batted .443/.473/.571 total versus their pitching, producing their second-best batting average against a single team of said season.  Players not known for their power--such as Mary Hasan, Joanna Niles, and Romeo Villanueva--thrived in games against them while some of their top producers--Ryan Cahill, Bobby Weaver, and Prucha--found it hard to produce their usual team-leading numbers despite Cahill and Weaver hitting a home run each off of their pitchers.  Unless they need to swing for the fences, maybe the best strategy will be to rely on infield singles and shallow drops in the outfield tomorrow night.
     Bobby Weaver will take the mound first for the season opener, followed by Kevin Carpenter in game two.

Breaking News: Kat Bolick has resigned onto VBC Softball to be a Unicorn.  Kat played RF with The Legion of Fistpumping Turtles last season.
Update: A message to the team sent by co-captain Bobby Weaver 11pm revealed that "Kat has sobered up and re-retired."  Apparently, festivities at this weekend's birthday party for Unicorns Romeo Villanueva and Matt Portner made her get a little too ambitious.  Bolick fans may be able to see her again either in the stands or in an as-needed sub situation later this season.

Projected Lineups:
Game 1
  1. Bobby Weaver - P
  2. Rianna Hoffman - 2B
  3. Larry Strait - LF
  4. Elisabeth Edge - 3B
  5. Gregory Weaver - SS
  6. Rachel Matteo - RC
  7. Nicholas Wasilewski - 1B
  8. Lanah Stafford - C
  9. Kevin Carpenter - DH
  10. Melissa Di Domenico - DH
  11. Romeo Villanueva - LC
  12. Leslie Paxton - RF
Game 2
  1. Nicholas Wasilewski - 1B
  2. Rianna Hoffman - DH
  3. Bobby Weaver - LF
  4. Elisabeth Edge - 2B
  5. Larry Strait - DH
  6. Rachel Matteo - 3B
  7. Gregory Weaver - SS
  8. Lanah Stafford - RC
  9. Kevin Carpenter - P
  10. Melissa Di Domenico - C
  11. Romeo Villanueva - LC
  12. Leslie Paxton - RF

Off-season sign Nathan Anderson will be unable to make it to the opening day games, but will assuredly make his awaited debut as a member of the team next week.

Half of 1B Nicholas Wasilewski's hand after his intense
first batting practice since the last game of spring.
The other half of his hand was reportedly worse.

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