Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unicorns' DL Stint Continues

This season has a been a rather unlucky one for the Unicorns, who have seen a remarkable number of injuries this year, half of which have been caused by other players in the game.

The latest to fall victim to the disabled list is veteran Romeo Villanueva, who had a fateful collision with Alaina Coletti on Monday night's game against the Stunners. Villanueva (RC) and Coletti (LC) were both trying to chase down a ball that was hit right in between them. A communication error allowed them to run directly into each other. Villanueva, who has taken a number of hits already this season, finally broke and has suffered a bruised rib, putting him out for the rest of the season.

Coletti had just come off of the disabled list. About a month prior she almost severed her toe in a work-related accident. "It's as if she were out for blood--" an unidentified radical fan stated, "as if she were trying to replace all the blood that she lost in her toe."

Unicorns coach Greg Weaver had a different approach. "It was a bad judgement call on my part. Alaina should have never been out there. I put her in the infield during the game against the Boneshakers, but thought it was okay to put her back out when Rianna was taken off the mound. She's just not comfortable out there. We were really excited to have her back playing wherever she could play, but not thinking this one through enough cost us."

Luckily for the Unicorns, the two other injuries had minor repercussions. The first happened when Lanah Stafford had to get a cast for a thumb-related injury. Trying to make a quick 1-3 out a first, pitcher Rianna Schweitzer threw the ball a little too hard over the short distance from the mound to Stafford, resulting in only discomfort for the rest of game. However, the throw ultimately caused in an injury that saw Stafford out for one week's set of games. Stafford reminisces: "See, kids, this is why you practice."

Number two slugger Bobby Weaver wound up day-to-day after he woke up from an odd night of sleep with tightness in his back. Halfway through the game against Boneshakers, he was replaced in the field, ironically, with Villanueva, and came back out in the field when Villanueva had his injury the next game. All reports indicate that Weaver will be ready to play again on Monday's games.

In the meantime, Villanueva (batting .389 with an OBP of .421 in ten games) has indicated that he will be in the dugout cheering for his teammates as they wrap up the season in the coming weeks. The Unicorns hope to have him back in top shape in the fall.

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  1. 残念だけど、運のいい時もあれば悪い時もあるわよ…将来は頑張ってね!!元気でね!

    Hope the Unicorns get well and stay well!