Sunday, June 19, 2011

Game Previews for 6/20/11

Tomorrow night the Unicorns will play on a field that will be foreign to some players, but the opposing team members will certainly spark familiarity.

Game #1 vs. Wine O's (6:45pm at Red Mill Park Field #2)
When the Unicorns last saw the Wine O's, they posted their first (and only) win of the season, beating them 10-7.  Ryan Cahill and Bobby Weaver both hit home runs in the series against them, with Weaver racking in two.  Rianna Schweitzer had headed the Unicorns' best games defensively, having an average WHIP of 3.60 and allowing two of the lowest run totals in the season, 13 and 7.

After the game, the Unicorns and the Wine O's shared some quality time at local bar Finn McCool's, where the Wine O's purchased shots for everyone due to the Unicorns' victory.  They are eager to win again.

Two game AVG/OBP/SLG: .417/.440/.667 and .524/.643/1.095

Game #2 @ That's What She Said (7:45 at Red Mill Park Field #2)
That's What She Said have dominated the Unicorns 12-3 and 15-4, but Schweitzer posted a 4.00 WHIP in one of the games.  Also, the Unicorns' offense came through last series with a batting average of .503, their second best against any other team.

Two game AVG/OBP/SLG: .440/.440/.600 and .565/.565/.652

Essentially, if Schweitzer is able to pitch again tomorrow night as well as she did the last times against the two opposing teams, the Unicorns will have a good chance of winning if they can score some runs.  Unfortunately, Schweitzer's regular catcher, Lanah Stafford, will be absent from the lineup tomorrow for a family affair, and the team's offense has been on the decline as of late.  Will they be able to rebound in their last two out of three games of the spring season?  Will their star starter Schweitzer pull out of her funk?

Most certainly.  Go, Unicorns!

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