Thursday, June 16, 2011

VBC Softball

It's 6:40pm on a Monday evening. The umpire approaches the skipper asks, "So I guess you'll be starting off with seven?" The skipper replies nay, that the team will be ready within the five minutes remaining before game time. Sure enough, like a watch that one would set maliciously behind ten minutes just for the sake of torture, some of the other members trickle in at 6:43, and the last of the ones necessary to play with a full team are yelled at to hurry up by their teammates as the ones on time take the field at 6:45 on the dot.

This is the m.o. of the 2011 incarnation of VBC Softball, the Unicorns of the Apocalypse. For the past four years--and soon-to-be nine seasons--members of this team have played rec-league softball in their hometown of Virginia Beach, VA. Though typically forming teams that inevitably ruthlessly lose, the players trek on, relying on their keen sportsmanship, improving upon their lack of natural athleticism with each season, and just having a darn good time every week.

It's about time someone chronicled their story.

So join me, fans, in celebrating the achievements of this great softball club as we look at the past, report the present, and forecast the future of VBC Softball. Go, Unicorns!

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  1. Fantastic! It IS about time - I've been waiting for this so that I can live vicariously through a Unicorn. Go, Unicorns! (特に五一番の選手!! ^_^)