Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Rain Falls Over the Unicorn in June (-icorn)

Ryan Cahill when he found out
that the game was to be delayed
Last night both the Unicorns and ZDUB Softball fell victim to a torrential downpour that lasted approximately fifteen minutes.  Unfortunately, it was enough to saturate the ballfields to the extent that they were deemed unplayable by officials.

Last season, the VBC Softball team "The Legion of Fistpumping Turtles" had similar difficulties.  Ryan Cahill recalled that it happened in both the spring and in the fall.  Regardless of when it happens, though, it usually presents hardships for the management and the team alike.  In the past, it was not uncommon for the officials to notify coaches one day prior to the scheduled makeup game that the game was on.  Veterans of VBC Softball easily recount the time when they had to play on a Wednesday night despite their normal Monday night schedule.

Ryan Cahill when he found out that
the game might be on Wednesday
Upon review of the posted makeup schedule for other divisions in the league, though, it seems that a game played tomorrow night is almost out of the question--some teams are scheduled to play as late as July 15th.  It may be slightly comforting to know that the Unicorns do not have to scramble to make sure that everyone is available to play in a day's time, but it is unknown in what a two-weeks' rest will result.  The good news is that Ryan Cahill is in fact not on the disabled list, but is just considered day-to-day; thus, the Unicorns are hoping to have him available to play as early as next week.

 Coincidentally, the last bouts against ZDUB came after a similar rest due to Memorial Day.  In the first game, the Unicorns went down 15-6, but only batted a .333.


  1. 雨降ったわ

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